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Enjoy and share our podcast episodes and short videos!

We have created podcast episodes and videos to disseminate findings from top-level economists and development practitioners. All video and audio files were recorded during events organized by the Center of Child Well-Being and Development.

Together with the first three podcast episodes you will find two-page summaries of the main findings discussed by our guests in those episodes. Please feel free to use and share the podcast episodes, summaries and short videos for training and educational purposes.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about our knowledge products, please email us at

Episode 12 - A Brief Talk with Victor Orozco
Victor Orozco tells us about fighting HIV with MTV.
Episode 11 - A Brief Talk with Lucy Nusseibeh
Lucy Nusseibeh tells us about growing in a toxic environment.
Episode 10 - A Brief Talk with Patrick Premand
Patrick Premand tells us about cash and behavioral change programs in Niger.
Episode 9 - A brief talk with Candice Odgers
Professor Odgers tells us about adolescents and their use of digital devices.
Episode 8 - A brief talk with Adriana Weisleder
Professor Weisleder talks about spoken words, dialogue and interactions.
Episode 7 - A Brief Talk with Juan Saavedra
Professor Saavedra tells us about chatbots for teenagers.
Episode 6 - A brief Talk with Kristin Hadfield
Professor Hadfield talks about toxic stress in children.
Episode 5 - A brief talk with James Leckman
Professer Leckman talks about scientific perspective on early childhood health, what we know and don’t know about interventions aimed at improving it.
Episode 4 - A brief talk with Günther Fink
Professor Fink (Swiss TPH) talks about the scientific perspective on take-up of preventive health care and measures to mitigate adverse shocks.
Episode 3 - The German socioeconomic panel (by David Richter)
Listen to the CCWD Podcast with David Richter on the German Socio-Economic Panel Study, the longest-running longitudinal study of private households and residents in the Federal Republic of Germany.
Episode 2 - Growing-up, competence development and social opportunities (by Marlies Buchmann)
Listen to the CCWD Podcast with Dr. Marlis Buchmann on the Swiss Survey on Children and Youth (COCON), a nationwide survey carried out in Switzerland since 2006, with the goal of understanding the interplay between competence development and social opportunities among children and young people.
Episode 1 - Early life undernourishment (by Jere Behrman)
Listen to the CCWD Podcast with Jere Behrman on the impacts and determinants of early-life undernourishment based on Guatemalan INCAP Data.

The song used for episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is “Through Golden Fields”, from Dee Yan-Key (“Summer Nights” album). The song used for episodes 6, 7, 8 and 9 is “Night and Day”, from Dee Yan-Key (“Years and Years Ago” album). The song used for episodes 10, 11 and 12 is “Spring”, from Dee Yan-Key (“Facts of Life” album). Find Dee Yan-Key’s music here.